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melgor trophies, brampton, ON

Personalization is the key to a distinctive and memorable award

With Melgor Trophies & Gifts’ cutting edge laser technologies, each memento can be individually tailored to capture the right words and sentiment appropriate for the occasion. Trophies can be designed in various shapes, sizes and colours and fit to meet the needs of individual, group, team or special occasion milestones. Customers can choose the amount of tiers and columns each trophy has, as well as from a variety of styles including classic, 3-D, starburst and cup. Melgor also carries a wide variety of medals, plaques, pins and ribbons to mark that special achievement.

In addition to trophies, Melgor also offers a varied selection of unique gifts to celebrate those momentous moments such as cups, clocks, plaques, optic crystals, bobble heads and sculptures. Each can be engraved with a message of your choice so every superb sports win, academic achievement, magical musical performance and exemplary employee can be awarded for their hard work and contribution. Every success deserves a little recognition, so celebrate yours today.
Success deserves recognition!

Reward your team, corporate group or special individual with a unique and personalized trophy, plaque or recognition award from Melgor Trophies & Gifts.

Our own Route 28 Sportswear line includes clothing, jerseys and uniforms, customized with silk screen printing and embroidery. See our Products & Services for more information.

Proudly Serving Brampton For Over 28 Years!
Our services include:
  • Custom-designed Trophies & Gifts
  • Awards
  • Mugs
  • Pins
  • Medals
  • Plaques
  • Ribbons
  • Custom Sportswear (printing, embroidery)
  • We also offer skate sharpening!
Melgor Trophies, Brampton ON
Melgor Trophies, Brampton ON
Melgor Trophies, Brampton ON

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